Serving Globally

Serve Globally
The Cove works beyond our local area with regional and international relationships across the globe. Our projects for 2017 include trips to support our Cove Global Family. Other disaster and relief-focused trips happen throughout the year on an as-needed basis.
Child Sponsorship Program

Make a real difference for and begin a relationship with a child across the globe. Through the Cove Child Sponsorship project, you can be a part of providing sponsored kids with the tools and mentors they need to become devoted Jesus followers, and educated providers and leaders for their families.


Sponsor A Child



Upcoming Global Trips


Costa Rica Flag




• June/July 2017 (Student Trip**)
Estimated Trip Cost: $1700 ($150 deposit)







• October 28 - November 7, 2017

Trip Focus: Sponsorship & Cairo Festival

Estimated Trip Cost: $2500 ($150 deposit)








South Africa Flag


South Africa


• June/July 2017 (Student Trip**)
Estimated Trip Cost: $2800-3000 ($150 deposit)


• October 2017

Estimated Trip Cost: $2800-3000 ($150 deposit)



Serbia Flag




• October 2017
Estimated Trip Cost: $2200 ($150 deposit)

Trip Information

Deposits are non-refundable and are due with the completion of the Mission Trip Application. Trip costs are per-person and include airfare, in-country lodging, food, travel insurance, in-country transportation and sightseeing.


Cove Kids Focus. All are welcome, but participants must be qualified by Cove Kids leaders prior to the trip.

** Student trip. Students must be in grades 9-12 for current school year.


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Mission Trip Application

Sponsorship Program





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