Children are a gift from God.

Yes, that means even when they are loud, sleepy, and pushing boundaries. You were chosen to be a parent, not by accident, but with purpose. James 1:17 reminds us that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father, who does not change.


So why dedicate your child?

Because God has wonderful plans for your child, and you are an integral part of His plan. Dedicating your child is, in part, publicly acknowledging that just as these children are blessings from God to us, we are also meant to be blessings from God to them.


During dedication class, you will dig in to learn what is looks like to be your child’s spiritual leader and the resources that already surround you to allow you to be the parent God has called you to be.


This class is required to participate in the upcoming Family Dedication event in November.


Select the link below your campus to register.


Mooresville Campus
Saturday · November 13 · 12:00 pm
No childcare available.

Register here.


Denver Campus

Register here.


West Rowan Campus
Sunday  · November 14  · 11:00 am
Childcare available.

Register here.


Statesville Campus
Sunday · November 14 · 1:15 pm
Childcare available.

Register here.


We look forward to seeing you!



















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